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Advisory Board Experience

About Advisory Boards

In large corporations and startups alike, the CEO’s word is law. But as sharp and headstrong as they may be, wise CEOs recognize that they are missing out on key insights and opportunities if the company relies on their expertise alone.

Establishing a board of independent advisors not only brings in new ideas and diverse perspectives. It helps build a CEO’s own knowledge through the various backgrounds and firsthand experiences of industry experts.

Board Member Operations

In my own experience, advisory boards in companies large and small always add immense value for the CEO and executive team. The richer the diversity of members, the more fresh ideas are brought to the table. Assembling a skillful board is an effective way to generate actionable responses to organizational challenges and strategies to increase company performance.

As an Independent Board Member with a background in ontological coaching, I thrive on bringing refreshing and provocative questions to the boardroom. I am thrilled to help organizations better propel themselves forward by contributing my knowledge, experiences, contacts, and insight.

Meetings in the Online Era

Now that online meetings have become a professional standard worldwide, companies are recognizing the importance of bringing in board members with a greater diversity of global expertise, perspectives, and locations.

I am of the inclination that remote meetings are here to stay, especially when it comes to advisory boards. Video meetings keep participants more focused, attentive, and dynamic by nature, and I welcome the opportunity to work with forward-thinking companies that are building this bolder kind of boardroom.

Nicolas was excellent at helping us [company partners] move away from subjectivity and approach our issues with objectivity. He also had a great dynamic with our other external director, who came from the same industry and spoke the same managerial language, which was an important catalyst for us. Working with someone like Nicolas - someone who does not have an agenda beyond accompanying our process and trying to make it as good as possible - was what ultimately led us in a direction toward our solution. 


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