Vistage Group Chair

Helping CEOs and business owners successfully navigate and solve their challenges through innovative thinking.

  • Business owners and entrepreneurs group in Argentina

  • Multinational CEOs group in Uruguay

About Vistage

Vistage is the world's largest executive coaching organization. It has existed for over 60 years. Vistage groups are made up of 10 to 16 members, all of whom are either CEOs of large corporations or CEO-owners of their own firms.

Businesspeople are notoriously savvy at making decisions, but Vistage groups help them make even better ones. The Vistage model helps members to grow, learn, and discover new methods for solving their challenges. The groups benefit from the knowledge of peers, the coordination of the experienced organizer, and the collective experience of the Vistage community around the world.

Vistage group members can expect:

  • to develop better ideas through sharing their challenges and brainstorming solutions with their peers,
  • to become better leaders with the support of the Vistage Chair, who helps them identify the skills and tools to cultivate as they grow their business,
  • to make better decisions as they sharpen their intuition, analysis, and decision-making,
  • and to generate better and faster business growth, as revealed by a 2017 Dun & Bradstreet study which found that Vistage member companies grew 2.2 times faster than the average mid-sized companies.

Working with Nicolas

As a Vistage peer advisory group chair, I facilitate the application of the Vistage model and encourage members to think big.

We meet once a month for a full day in a board-of-directors type of meeting, and explore the difficulties members are facing in their organizations or with their businesses. Since the group is industry agnostic and entirely non-competitive, all members enrich the conversation with their unique experience and point of view. When a member presents a problem or new challenge, all listen and pose questions to gain a better understanding of the problem. Everyone has the opportunity to offer advice based on their own experience or suggestions as to how they might address the issues. The presenting member, therefore, gets the input or experience of all of his or her peers and receives new information to assess all potential solutions.

Participating in a Vistage group automatically opens you up to solutions beyond your own limited experience. Through the network of diverse and skilled peers, you gain access to decades of experience, stave off “leadership loneliness,” grow professionally, develop your skills, discover new opportunities, anticipate the competition, and improve your decision making process.

In addition to the monthly meetings, we regularly hold one-to-one meetings during which I coach or mentor my group members on subjects that they either feel unprepared to present to the group or are in the process of preparing to share with the others.

The clarity with which Nicolas can explain things to me and his ability to quickly detect my situation really struck me. He really knows how to carry the conversation so that I can work directly on my problem, asking questions in a way that makes me focus. Most importantly, he always helps me not only figure out the problem, but the next steps and tools to work on solving it. He insists on a systematized approach and helps me to list my “to-dos”, which I think that one needs many times in order to move forward and really face their problems. Working with Nicolas has been like making a strong commitment to myself, and I don’t think I would be sitting where I am today personally and professional if not for it.